Gopher Gold

Gopher Gold Online Slot

Gopher Gold is an online slot that offers 5 reels and 5 paylines. This slot is named after an American burrowing rodent which is especially known for its extensive tunnelling abilities. If you follow this perfect example of the gopher, you might just strike it lucky when you hit the Gopher Gold mine of a jackpot worth an incredible 60 000 coins.

Who could have predicted that a little gopher could inspire an online slot machine, but here we are and the Gopher Gold slot does justice to this animal in all ways possible.

The reels of the Gopher Gold slot is colourful and busy and immediately catches the eye in their cartoon style 2D format.

Slot Symbols

The slot symbols on the Gopher Gold reelset are very busy and features all kinds of things that one would want to imagine a reel gopher has in his little gold mine underground.

Players can expect to see a gopher sized pickaxe, a mine cart overflowing with Gopher Gold and a stick of explosives sticking out on one end, a lamplight, gold plated playing card symbols as well as the Gopher Gold symbol which also happens to be the Wild of this slot.

How To Win At This Game

This slot features only 5 paylines, but they are not fixed. This means that players still have the option of choosing how many paylines they want to activate per spin. The one special feature of the Gopher Gold slot is that winning combinations can be read from both directions, and not only from left to right, as is the case with most other online slots.

Each winning combination also comes with a multiplier. To view the multipliers, players must access the paytable of this slot. The most common symbols on the reels are the playing cards, and they run from 10 to the Ace. If you land 5 of these on a reel, you could land a multiplier of 100 times your bet total, and so it increases up to the maximum multiplier applicable to the Ace of an amazing 500 times the stake.

The lamplight has a 600 times multiplier on offer for 5 on a payline and the mine cart will send 1000 times your stake right to your bankroll for 5 of these symbols. The pickaxe will result in a 2000 times multiplier, and 5 in a row dynamite will multiply your stake by an unbelievable 5000 times.

Jackpot And Betting Options

The Gopher Gold logo is the jackpot symbol of this slot and 5 of these on a single payline will pay out a 12000 times multiplier.

The minimum bet on a single payline is limited to 25c and the maximum bet is capped at 5 coins per active line.

Remember that players have the option to either play in Regular or Expert mode. The Regular mode limits control options. You can select your preferred number of paylines by using the arrow keys. The same goes for the bet totals.

The Expert mode of this slot allows players to make use of the Autoplay mode where the player presets a number of spins, and the game spins these automatically.


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