Aladdin’s Lamp Classic Spielo Slot Review

June 21, 2019

The Aladdin’s Lamp Classic Spielo Slot game is an Oldie but a Goldie. Developed by Spielo (a European games software developer), this particular Spielo Slots game is themed after Aladdin and his Magic Lamp, and the images, icons, reels and sound effects all represent as much.

The slots game holds 3 very well visualised reels which adorn the centre of the screen, with colourful graphics that surround the reels. The background of the Aladdin’s Lamp Classic Spielo Slot game holds a beautifully rendered golden lamp with a genie spiralling out of the nozzle.

Each of the 3 reels are numbered as such, with the centre reel being number one, the top reel being number 2 and the bottom reel being the number 3 reel. There is no complexity to the way the pay-outs work, 3 columns with 3 reels spin and come to halt revealing potential pay-out lines. The pay-out lines are clearly shown on the right hand side of the screen so you can see what to look out for while you are playing.

Symbols and Jackpots

The reels themselves are made up of Aladdin themed symbols from rubies and magic carpets to genies and lamps. The best and most lucrative symbol by far is the ruby symbol, as it only takes one to land on your screen to result in a pay-out of some kind.

The highlight of the game in terms of pay outs however is the progressive jackpot. As with all progressive jackpots, the more you play, the more you stand to win in the long run. As you play, you can watch yourself being boosted up the prize ladder on the side of the game, getting you ever closer to the main prize. Aladdin’s Lamp’s main jackpot prize is big enough to be listed as one of the top Classic Spielo games to play and you can find this game amongst their top slots game contenders on their website.

Aladdin’s Lamp Spielo Features

The Aladdin’s Lamp Classic Spielo Slot game itself also comes with a few other regular slots NZ game features that are worth noting. An ‘Auto play’ feature allows the player to set the number of times he wishes the computer to spin the reels for him / her, and then can relax while the reels spin on their behalf. This means that you can play while you are cooking dinner, watching TV or relaxing at home without having to click spin every 5 seconds.

Other Slots Game features allow you to select your denomination of coins before each spin, as well as choose the number of lines you wish to bet on. Should you wish to play low stakes slots gaming, then you can choose the lowest denomination and bet on only one line. While if you wish to play for the highest stakes possible and have a chance at the biggest jackpot, there is a handy “Bet Max” button that will select the highest denomination across all 3 lines for you.

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