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November 15, 2015

Which Australian Lottery is Best?

The Internet revolution and the growth of online and mobile gaming has given Australian punters a huge range of options. Among them are a number of lottery games with impressive jackpots that were previously only available regionally, but which can now be accessed nationwide online. Picking the best Australian lottery, however, is no easy task.

What criteria should be used? If we’re talking purely about the size of the payout, the best Australian lottery is without a doubt the Tuesday night Oz Lotto, which was originally confined to NSW. Operated by the Tatts Group Limited, Oz Lotto delivered the largest Division 1 jackpot in Australian history in November 2012: over AU$111.9-million, shared between four winners. Tatts also runs the Powerball lottery on Thursday nights, which balances higher odds against the player with bigger jackpots generally; the largest to date has been AU$80-million.

Smaller Wins More Often

If, instead of the size of potential jackpot wins, we focus on better average jackpots, then the Saturday Lotto (another Tatts game) is a strong contender as the Australian lottery that offers the most. The Division 1 prize each week is around AU$4-million, but there are “Superdraws” several times a year with jackpots as high as AU$20-million, and a “Megadraw” (usually around the New Year) with jackpots up to AU$30-million. When looking for odds more favourable to the player than other lotteries, the Australian Soccer Pools, the Saturday Lotto or the Monday and Wednesday Lottos are all good bets.

The Pools require a six-number match from 38 possibilities, and the other two lottos use six main balls and two supplementary balls drawn from a barrel of 45, with the player needing to match all six main balls to win the Division 1 prize, but the supplementary balls adding to possible winning combinations in the other divisions.

So all three options have better odds, for both small and big wins, than the likes of the Powerball lottery. But there is one more aspect to consider: players without any experience in financial planning might want to opt for the Friday night Set for Life Lottery. The top prize is set at AU$20,000, paid monthly for 20 years (although the prizes in other divisions are paid out in a lump sum). So instead of Division 1 winners receiving AU$4.8-million all at once, which can be overwhelming, they are ensured an income for two decades.

Australian Lotteries Change Lives

Australia’s states and territories have always been able to set their own gambling regulations, and all seven of them have seen the benefit of state lotteries, with a portion of the profits being used to support social programmes in health care, sport and the arts. Online lotteries have given them the opportunity to take regional games nationwide, and along with competition from private operators, this has encouraged most states to outsource the operation of their lotteries to private operator Tatts. They still retain ownership, and the revenue for social development, but only Lotterywest in Western Australia is still operated and owned by the state.

So for many Australians, various Australian lottery options not only give them the chance to change their own lives, but also to provide maximum benefits to their communities.

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