Canoe Polo

February 22, 2017

Thrilling Bets on Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo is one of the most competitive forms of canoeing and combines canoeing with hand-ball skills. It’s an exciting contact sport, which relies as much upon teamwork, as it does on the speed and agility of its players. Since the sports inception in 1970 it has grown in popularity and is now played throughout the world, both professionally and for exercise.

The World Championships for Canoe Polo take place every 2 years, where teams from around the world paddle it out for the coveted title. Of course, World championships always bring exciting betting opportunities to the fore. With a range of teams and plenty of matches to wager on, betting on Canoe Polo is easier than ever before. There’s a vast range of betting opportunities to take advantage of, such as betting on the which team will win the match, placing wagers on the final score, and you could even wager on how long it will take before the first points are scored.

The Basics of Canoe Polo

Canoe polo can be described as a blend of kayaking, basketball and water polo, and teamwork is of absolute importance when it comes to being successful at this tricky sport. Matches are played between 2 teams made up of 5 players each, and the objective of the game is to score a goal in a net hanging 2 metres above the water’s surface. Of course these nets are manned by the opposition, so speed and agility is a must for these feisty athletes.

The design of the canoe itself also aids in improving the agility of the players. The canoes used are specially designed for Canoe Polo, and are made of lightweight material which gives them excellent motility through the water.

Players can use their hands or their paddle to pass the ball between players, and for shooting attempts. The paddle is also of a special design with a wider, rounded tip to prevent damage to the players, and is also lighter than a traditional paddle.

History of Canoe Polo

While the modern form of Canoe Polo came about in the 1970’s there is evidence that a more primitive version of the game was being played almost a full century earlier in 1875. In a game called ‘Polo on the Sea’, players stood upright on a dual-hulled canoe, contending for the ball using double-sided paddles, with the aim of getting the ball inside a floating ring. Meanwhile, stateside, informal games of Canoe Polo were being played as early as 1905, with a league being established in 1914 which saw clubs competing for a trophy. Even though the sport had seen much play during the early 20th century, it took off globally after 1970, and finally in 1994 the first World Championships were held in which 18 countries competed for the trophy and there was a welath of sports betting nz commencing.

Canoe Polo Now

The sport of Canoe Polo has made progress in leaps and bounds since its inception, much to the spectators delight. It has fast become one of the most competitive forms of canoeing, and is no longer seen as just a way to pass the time. Competitors must be in excellent health, and must be fighting fit in order to be successful at this sport. Every two years the World Championships of Canoe Polo take place, and in between the Continental Championships are held. This means that every year there are matches of Canoe Polo available to bet on and you can hone your skills as time goes on.

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