NBA Finals

November 18, 2016

The Draw of the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals is the culmination of the National Basketball Association championship series. It is contested between the Western and Eastern Conference champions. In the NBA Finals, the first team to win four games in a best-of-seven game series is declared the champion. This team is then ceremoniously awarded the famous Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy with all due fanfare.

The NBA Finals has been contested at the climax of every NBA, and Basketball Association of America season in history, since 1947. The basketball league was initiated in New York City in 1946, and adopted the name National Basketball Association in 1949, merging with the National Basketball League.

NBA 2016 and the Betting Odds

The National Basketball Association League reaches a climax in May or June each year. In 2016 the NBA Finals took place on June 2, and it was the 70th season of the National Basketball Association. The league concluded with the Eastern Conference champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeating the Western Conference champions, the Golden State Warriors against the odds by 4 games to 3. LeBron James was named NBA Finals Most Valuable Player. The odds on the teams in the NBA Finals going in to the finals was 1/2 for the Golden State Warriors and 2/1 for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA Finals for the coming 2017 season are hoped to be as exciting as the 2016 Finals. At the start of the season the odds on the various teams range from the two favourites, the teams who played the 2016 finals, at 3/1 and 5/6 to numerous lesser teams that are currently quoted at 500/1.

The Top Basketball League in the World

The National Basketball Association, the NBA is the major men’s professional basketball league in the USA, and is considered top men’s professional basketball league in the world. This is evidenced by the USA being the current Olympic gold medal holders, and widely regarded as the best national team in the world.

Participating in the NBA Finals is the ultimate aim of all the teams in the league. The NBA league consists of 30 franchised member clubs, 29 from the USA, and one from Canada. The NBA is, additionally, considered one of the four major North American professional sports leagues. The players in the NBA are ranked as the highest paid sportsmen in the world by average annual salary.

The sport of basketball is perhaps one of the more popular sports in the world, and ranks as one of the top 3 consistently in the USA, where some 26 million people play the sport. In the USA, structured basketball leagues have more than four million registered players. The sport has an enormous following and the teams play to sold-out arenas around the country, earning multimillion dollar salaries.

A Huge Betting Community

With such high levels of interest and such volumes of fan base, it is to be expected that the associated betting community, both online and off, is colossal and very active. All online sports betting sites provide the opportunity for players to place wagers on the NBA generally, and the NBA Finals specifically.

Therefore, from the qualifiers to the playoffs and then the NBA Finals betting bonuses, opportunities for wagering on the game winners and betting on handicapped games are available in absolute swathes. Betting on game winners may be the most common bet, but punters will also find a multitude of options at all the better sports books.

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