Mobile farkle casino

July 30, 2015

Finding out More about Farkle

Farkle is a fun, fast-paced dice game that’s made the successful transition to the online and mobile arena. Mobile farkle casino games are incredibly popular with players who are looking for a fast and simple way to win or just enjoy themselves. Just as simple as slots and with the same excitement level of craps but none of the complexity, in farkle you can win big on the roll of dice.

Also known as Greed, Hot Dice, Zonk or Darsh, along with a host of other whacky and wonderful names, farkle was first marketed commercially in 1982 and has since found itself enjoyed by players around the globe. Now available online and at mobile farkle casinos, this game is incredibly enticing as it’s so easy to play.

Although there are a wide variety of different styles of scoring and of game play, the main aim of mobile farkle casino games remains the same. The objective is to reach a target score of 10,000. All the game entails is 6 dice shaken in a cup and then thrown, with the points then added together based on specific pattern combinations and outcomes.

Mobile Farkle Magic

Optimised mobile farkle Canadian online casino games will see players either tap the dice cups on their screen or, for a more interactive experience you can actually “shake the dice” by shaking your phone if haptic feedback is a feature. The animation of these games is state-of-the-art and you’ll feel like you’re enjoying a real game of farkle whilst on the go.’

Farkle games have been created by some of the web’s leading software developers and are a great choice for any player wanting to indulge in some simplistic yet rewarding amusement with just a few minutes extra time to spare. These games can also be enjoyed at leisure and mobile farkle casinos offer the chance to play for fun or to make a deposit and bet real money.

Farkle Game Play Explained

Farkle is incredibly easy to understand and players only need take a few minutes to work out the intricacies of the game.

To start a player throws the 6 dice and the combination of numbers facing up is added together. After each throw at least one of the dice must be discarded and a player must choose whether to bank the points they have accumulated or to continue rolling the remaining dice. When a player has scored all 6 dice, or as termed ‘Hot Dice’, they can continue with their original 6 and throw them again.

In every turn a player must have at least one scoring dice otherwise they are deemed to farkle and lose all the accumulated points of that turn. Like Baccarat, farkle draws its name from the outcome you don’t want and you are not aiming to farkle, you are aiming to avoid it.

Should you farkle or decide to end your turn you will be paid out according to the scoring you attained or you’ll have to try your luck again in an effort to be more successful.

Mobile farkle casino games are available for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and other smartphone and tablets, and this high energy game is a great option for players of any skills level who want to enjoy something a little different on the go.

3 card poker

July 30, 2015

Try for the Wining Hand in 3 Card Poker Online

3 Card Poker is fast becoming one of the hottest new table games online. Its simplicity and lack of complex rules make it loads of fun, and it’s just as rewarding as other styles of poker when played for real money.

3 Card Poker sees you play against the dealer and it offers fast-paced, exhilarating entertainment at its best. This game can be enjoyed whenever and wherever you choose, whether at home on your computer, or whilst on the go. 3 Card Poker has been optimised for play on smartphone and tablet, making it even more accessible and enticing.

How to Play 3 Card Poker

A brilliantly simple form of wagering entertainment, 3 Card Poker makes use of a single deck of 52 cards and is essentially 2 games in one. In the Play/Ante game you’ll take on the dealer and see which one of you has the highest hand, and in the Pair Plus game you’ll need to wager on whether or not you think you’ll be dealt either a pair or better. In certain online games you can opt for one game or the other, however some online casinos will require that, in order to progress to the Pair Plus stage, you must first place an ante bet.

In 3 Card Poker you’ll see there are 3 betting circles labelled Pair Plus, Ante and Play, and players must place their bets within these. To begin, a player must place a bet in the Pair Plus or Ante circle. Once bets have been placed the dealer will dish out a hand of 3 cards and play will begin.

If you’ve bet on the Ante you can choose to fold or continue to play based on your hand, and if you opt to fold you will forfeit your bet. If you decide to continue, you’ll need to add a bet to the Play circle that is equal to the ante bet.

After you’ve decided whether to fold or continue the dealer will reveal his 3 card hand, which will need to contain either a Queen or higher. If the hand is below the required value a player is paid out even money for the ante bet and the bet placed in the Play circle will be returned. However, if the dealers hand has a Queen or higher, it will be compared against yours and if you lose, the dealer will receive both your Ante and Player bet amount.

In 3 Card Poker, if the game is a tie the player automatically wins, and although this may be a rare occurrence its one that can work in your favour.

Win with 3 Card Poker

Winning in 3 Card Poker isn’t too difficult and as the game works on a finite number of card combinations you can apply strategy to boost your chances of a successful hand. As in all poker games it is advised that you learn the rules and brush up your skills a little, and the free games offered by top online casinos are the ideal option for this.

Once you are confident in your ability you can make a deposit and face the dealer in a real money game that could be very lucrative should you have the winning hand.