A Simple Guide To Tennis Betting Online

March 7, 2017
A Simple Guide To Tennis Betting Online for players

Tennis is a popular sport across the world, played in one form or another in almost every country on earth. Played with stringed rackets and a spongy ball, tennis is a fast paced, action packed sport, well known for having lightening fast turnaround times between serves.

In fact, some serves are so fast that the ball can barely be followed with the eye, with spectators sometimes left wandering what exactly happened after the ball left the server’s racket. Continue reading A Simple Guide To Tennis Betting Online

A Simple Guide To Horse Racing Betting Online

March 1, 2017
A Simple Guide To Horse Racing Betting Online

New Zealand and Australia are known for being crazy about horses and horse racing. The Melbourne Cup in Australia, for example, brings the country to a standstill, and is said to turn everyone on the continent into a bet maker.

New Zealand is likewise passionate about the Melbourne Cup and placing horse bets in general. And now, with the recent innovations in online bet making, it has never been easier to place horse bets in just a few spare moments of time. Continue reading A Simple Guide To Horse Racing Betting Online

A Guide To Golf Betting In New Zealand

March 1, 2017
A Guide To Golf Betting In New Zealand

Punters wanting to bet on golf in New Zealand as well as tournaments around the world have never had it easier.

Online sportsbooks that offer golf betting, as well as betting on a huge range of other sports, political and entertainment betting are now available online for you to bet easily on your laptop or PC, as well as through apps specifically designed to be used on the full range of smart phones and tablets.

This enables you to place your golf betting speculations whether you are at home or in your office, or out and about.

Many of the big sportsbooks offer live streaming of events and this can give you thrilling options for betting during the game, also known in the industry as ‘live in-play’ betting. Continue reading A Guide To Golf Betting In New Zealand

The Caulfield Cup

February 27, 2017

The Caulfield Cup is a horse racing event held in Melbourne, Australia. Since Australia is regarded as the horse capital of the world, the events held there are regarded with much respect. The Caulfield Cup, held in October, is an event that draws the attention of horse breeders and enthusiasts from around the world. This is not only because the grand prize is a whopping 3 million dollars, but also because the best horse breeds from around the world complete in the event.

The Caulfield Cup is also a major event where bet making is concerned, in New Zealand and the world. Bet makers are eager to predict which horse is going to be the overall winner, and since the event is so fiercely contested, the results can often be unpredictable. This is excellent for bet making, since horses that are seen as underdogs can unexpectedly come out on top. This, of course, is means major payouts, since underdog horses have better odds. Continue reading The Caulfield Cup

boxing betting

February 27, 2017

A Guide To Betting On Boxing

Modern boxing as a sport has evolved from its early genesis in Ancient Greece where the first organized sporting event can be recorded as far back as B.C 688.

Later on, from about the mid 16th to 18th century, boxing started to evolve rapidly in Great Britain as a prized fighter sport.

Boxing Categories 

Fighters step up to the plate in various weight classes and divisions in an attempt to render their opponent incapable of continuing in the fight.

Boxing incorporates various divisions and weight classes, all of which allow for intense boxing betting options.

Weight class divisions are ranked in accordance with a fighter’s weight. These ranks ensure a more competitive fight between fighters of the same stature, allowing for aggressively entertaining boxing betting.

Weight classes start at minimum and flyweight, moving all the way up to heavyweight Contenders in which there are no boundaries for a fighter’s total weight.

Betting On Amateur Boxing

Amateur boxing is where young inexperienced fighters step up to make their mark in the ring.

Also known as Olympic boxing due to its involved presence in the Olympic games, Amateur boxing avails itself to big hitting boxing betting.

Amateur boxing is where world champions are bred. With a prized selection of hungry fighters amateur boxing betting has the potential for lucrative winnings.

Punters from New Zealand will be thrilled by the outstanding boxing betting options within the division, contested at major international sporting events such as the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and the Pan American Games.

The Professional Division

The game changing world of professional boxing typically features longer rounds that can see a match last anywhere from six up to twelve rounds.

Fighters do not wear protective headgear and the punishment is usually intensely more severe.

Professional boxing allows for a vast assortment of boxing betting with longer round sets and fighters going blow by blow at one another, punters in New Zealand will be thrilled by the boxing betting opportunities within the division.

Boxing Betting Types

With big hitting, intense fist swapping combat, boxing and boxing betting remains simple.

Nearly all bookmakers will offer punters an assortment of six boxing betting types.

Punters should stick to simple basics and make use of the most straightforward boxing betting types.

Bet On The Winner

Outright winner bets on boxing, like any other sport is the most straightforward type of boxing betting. Punters simply stake the fighter that is most likely to win the bout.

Kiwis should research opponents and follow their individual progress in the sport to continue placing valuable outright boxing betting options.

Totals Boxing Betting

The bookmaker will forecast a total number of rounds. Punters then have the opportunity to wager on the outcome that is based on over or under the total amount set out by the bookmaker.

Knock Out Or Judgement

Punters in New Zealand should consider wagering on the winning method. Here Kiwis have the opportunity to make a call in how the bout will end. Knock out or judgement, having prior knowledge of boxing betting and boxing as sport is essential in this wagering method.

Bet On The Rounds

Round boxing betting allows for a more quick fire approach to betting on the sport. Punters can bet on a specific player to win the round. Round boxing betting is popular in live betting domains.

Summer Olympics

February 24, 2017

The Summer Olympics Betting Review 

The Summer Olympics is a traditional sporting event that is held every four years since its inception in 1896. The most recent instalment of the games were held in 2016, Rio de Janeiro.

This sporting spectacle attracts top athletes from all over the world, with intense qualifying sessions and a round up of pre game qualifiers based on stringent adherence to cut off times.

The Summer Olympics adhere to strict protocols; only athletes at their peak are given the opportunity to represent their country in the prestigious sporting affair.

The Summer Olympics hosts athletes from around the globe in a multiplicity of sporting events. The games include track and field, swimming, hockey, archery, basketball, gymnastics, canoeing, t20 cricket betting and a wide variety of other disciplines are part of the tournaments format.

With numerous sporting events occurring daily, broadcast live around the globe, the Summer Olympic Games are notoriously popular for sports enthusiasts that dabble in wagering on the games.

History Of The Summer Olympics

The inception of the Summer Olympics is rooted in Athens. From 6-15 April 1896 Athens hosted an international sporting event that gained enormous popularity and today has seen growth as the planets most prestigious honour in the sporting domain.

Featuring just fourteen nations, the Games of the Olympiad in Athens attracted 245 participants. Most of which were Greek, interestingly enough America dominated the medals table with Greece trailing in second place.

Wagering On The Summer Olympics 

With a multiplicity of sporting disciplines to wager on, the Summer Olympics is in no short supply of wagering possibilities, with favourites being as follows;

Wagering on futures is common within the Summer Olympics. A prediction into the future is made. In this instance you would for example make a prediction as to which country will obtain the most gold medals. This can be done for silver and bronze medal tallies alike.

Wagering on outright winners is also a popular favourite. In this wagering option select the athlete you believe will win an event. It is important to research athletes competing in various events in order to develop a wagering strategy so that more valuable wagers can be placed with the help of ore existing knowledge.

The Summer Olympics is not limited to a distinct set of wagering options. With a multitude of games encompassing various disciplines, wagering possibilities are nearly infinite. It is important to understand the odds and probability of the outcome.

Understanding the Wager

Nearly all sports wagering works on an implied probability to odds formula. This means the odds given on a certain wager reflect the probability of the outcome. By these standards, players in quest of sports wagering should research the given bookies wagering structure.

A popular structure is decimal odds. Represented as 100% divided by the chance, which equals the wagering odds.

Therefore if an athlete is said to have a 75% chance at winning an event the odds are at 1.33.

Identifying Legitimate Wagering Institutions

Legitimate Bookkeepers will be officially licensed and allowed to trade within the specific region. These sites will display this licensing information on the website. Highly regarded bookies will have been written about within player forums, it is a useful tool to read through other peoples one on one experience wit a certain institution.

Sportbet Sportsbook

February 24, 2017

Sportbet Sportsbook

Sportbet Sportsbook is a diverse online bookmaker that provides punters with an extensive gaming experience. The bookmaker offers a host of options including a fully functional sports book, an Online Casino, an online race book, lottery play and a poker lounge.

Catering to punters specifically in the United States and around the globe, Sportbet Sportsbook forms part of 5Dimes. With diverse functionality and a trustworthy reputation Sportbet  Sportsbook along with subsidiary’s, deliver a gripping finished product that allows for wagering on top mainstream sports in the USA and abroad.

Top Of The Class 

Established in 1997 and operating out of Costa Rica, Sportbet Sportsbook has a long-standing, industry leading reputation as one of the major players in offshore gaming. This is echoed through the bookmakers standing position as one of the top sports books listed on the Offshore Gaming Association ranks.

With unrivalled confidence, Sportbet Sportsbook has delivered a premium class product to punters, with outstanding customer excellence for the greater part of twenty years.

Sportbet Sportsbook User Functionality 

Sportbet Sportsbook stays true to a classic design principle; form follows function. The bookmaker makes no amends to portray a lavish and futuristic site. The layout focuses on pure easy to use, basic sports betting functionality.

The site is purely functional, a welcoming change to a market that so often focuses on cheap thrills.

On the left of the screen punters can locate various betting options available on various markets. Sports markets are located in the middle of the screen, neatly arranged in a simplistic display of options that can be opted for by one simple click. Once a type of wagering option and market have been selected, punters will automatically be redirected to an additional Interface that lists the betting options available from the previous selections.

Once all options are confirmed, punters are then redirected to an additional screen that will confirm and display all potential winnings from a bet. Sportbet Sportsbook leaves little room for error, once all wagers are confirmed users are asked for their unique password to confirm the wager.

Wager On Major Markets

Sportbet Sportsbook caters to all major markets. Most mainstream American sports are available including Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey.

For a sports book that roots itself in pole position geared towards the American market, Sportsbet Sportsbook encompasses a massive range of sporting action. Other less focused sports disciplines receive as much attention as mainstream markets. Punters can expect the likes of twenty-four major soccer leagues and international soccer events, golf, tennis, motor racing, mixed martial arts, boxing, Aussie rules rugby volleyball and IPL cricket betting.

With a diverse spread of sports, Sportbet Sportsbook offers punters lucrative wagering options including parlays, if-bets, teasers, props, reverses and more.

Live Bets

Sportbet Sportsbook stays current and continuously strives for progressive sports gaming. The bookmaker allows for live wagering on a host of mainstream sports. A sensory delight is on offer; the bookmaker will take various bets such as moneylines and the next team to score, right through the commercial breaks.

The Business End Of Bonuses

Sportbet Sportsbook provides all new players with an enticing bonus of 50 % match up to a whopping $500.

This is a large coupon that can see total funds as much as $750, a nice sum to land potential winners.


Canoe Polo

February 22, 2017

Thrilling Bets on Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo is one of the most competitive forms of canoeing and combines canoeing with hand-ball skills. It’s an exciting contact sport, which relies as much upon teamwork, as it does on the speed and agility of its players. Since the sports inception in 1970 it has grown in popularity and is now played throughout the world, both professionally and for exercise.

The World Championships for Canoe Polo take place every 2 years, where teams from around the world paddle it out for the coveted title. Of course, World championships always bring exciting betting opportunities to the fore. With a range of teams and plenty of matches to wager on, betting on Canoe Polo is easier than ever before. There’s a vast range of betting opportunities to take advantage of, such as betting on the which team will win the match, placing wagers on the final score, and you could even wager on how long it will take before the first points are scored.

The Basics of Canoe Polo

Canoe polo can be described as a blend of kayaking, basketball and water polo, and teamwork is of absolute importance when it comes to being successful at this tricky sport. Matches are played between 2 teams made up of 5 players each, and the objective of the game is to score a goal in a net hanging 2 metres above the water’s surface. Of course these nets are manned by the opposition, so speed and agility is a must for these feisty athletes.

The design of the canoe itself also aids in improving the agility of the players. The canoes used are specially designed for Canoe Polo, and are made of lightweight material which gives them excellent motility through the water.

Players can use their hands or their paddle to pass the ball between players, and for shooting attempts. The paddle is also of a special design with a wider, rounded tip to prevent damage to the players, and is also lighter than a traditional paddle.

History of Canoe Polo

While the modern form of Canoe Polo came about in the 1970’s there is evidence that a more primitive version of the game was being played almost a full century earlier in 1875. In a game called ‘Polo on the Sea’, players stood upright on a dual-hulled canoe, contending for the ball using double-sided paddles, with the aim of getting the ball inside a floating ring. Meanwhile, stateside, informal games of Canoe Polo were being played as early as 1905, with a league being established in 1914 which saw clubs competing for a trophy. Even though the sport had seen much play during the early 20th century, it took off globally after 1970, and finally in 1994 the first World Championships were held in which 18 countries competed for the trophy and there was a welath of sports betting nz commencing.

Canoe Polo Now

The sport of Canoe Polo has made progress in leaps and bounds since its inception, much to the spectators delight. It has fast become one of the most competitive forms of canoeing, and is no longer seen as just a way to pass the time. Competitors must be in excellent health, and must be fighting fit in order to be successful at this sport. Every two years the World Championships of Canoe Polo take place, and in between the Continental Championships are held. This means that every year there are matches of Canoe Polo available to bet on and you can hone your skills as time goes on.


February 22, 2017

Cannington Greyhound Race Track

Cannington is the main greyhound-racing track in Perth, Australia. It holds and number of races per year, as well as Group 1 races such as the Perth Cup.  Dogs from all over the country enter into the Perth Cup looking to win the prize money or a trophy.  Betting on the cup is available online as well as at the track on a national level. The Perth Cup is sponsored by Sky racing and is televised all over the country.

Racing at Cannington

Races are held at Cannington Race Track every Wednesday and Saturday evening. Being a Sky track, all races on Wednesday and Saturday are covered by the channel, and televised either on mainstream TV or via pay TV. Entrance to the track is free except for big days such as the Perth Cup.  Full bookmakers and tote facilities are available at the track for all races, either via on site bookies or electronic tote machines. The length of races at the track varies and is dependent on the day. The racing is mainly city grade on the regular days and attracts local crowds keen on a night out.

Wagering at Cannington

Placing a wager at Cannington can be done online as well as at the track itself. Greyhound wagering in Western Australia accounts for 20% of the entire totaliser income in the state, only behind thoroughbred racing. Seventy six million dollars has been generated off course, and 7.5 million dollars generated on course in wagers in 2015 alone.

Local bookies are available at the track on most days and all racing can be bet on online via various sites.  These sites offer other services such as the history and pedigree of the dogs, and who they have been trained by.  When betting on a dog it is always a good idea to have a look at the dog’s history to see whether its odds are warranted.  A favourite dog will have high odds of winning, which means that its payout for those who bet on it will not be as big as a dog with lower odds. Taking a chance one a less successful dog could be more lucrative than backing the favourite.

Perth Cup

The Perth Cup is a Group One race run at Cannington in February each year. Greyhounds come from all around the country to enter the race via a number of heats, getting eliminated as the races continue. The main race is held on a Saturday with a field of eight dogs, a number of which are local and trained by local trainers.  Punters throughout the year look forward to the Perth Cup, as it is the most popular Western Australian Greyhound race.

Greyhound Betting

Betting on a dog race is very similar to betting on a horse race in terms of the kind of bets that can be placed.  Dog racing is more accessible than horse racing as dogs are much cheaper to keep, and members of the public can own them without too much effort.  Dog tracks rely on betting to host races and thus keep the industry alive.

There are a number of different mobile betting sites where one can place on a race, most of which offer great odds.  The most obvious is a win, in which you bet on which dog will cross the line first. Other popular bets include each way bet, quinellas and trifectas.

online casino games

February 10, 2017

Discovery the Potential of Online Casino Games

There is a lot to encounter regarding the online casino games available to the players of Canada. First off there is the fact that these games come in a variety of shapes and sizes and as a result require the players involved to properly look at themselves to determine which of these genre of gaming endeavour to pursue. Whilst the list is rather lengthy there is still a good deal to be thinned through this method. Players can then even search for the casinos online that offers these examples of the game specifically. Overall this should result in quite an experience because the players can effectively travel the world online and locate all sorts of different gaming option.

Once the players of Canada have a rather good idea of what they want from their online casino games experience they can start negotiating it with the online scene available to them. One of the inviting aspects here is that of bonuses found online, as these tend to make this exploration rather more exciting for those involved. By the end the players will find that they are quite admirably equipped to take on this expedition.

Building an Approach to Online Gaming Scenes

Clearly then there are online casino games possibilities for the players of Canada, however there are alternative ways to approach this opportunity and getting into this entertainment. Though the world of online gaming is vast and expansive, taking the time to learn some of the inner workings can have significant benefits further down the line when the players themselves manage to find the best casino options around through the internet. This is a rather exciting enterprise then into the realms of opportunity with this sort of online option and that it has to offer the players.

Adding to the Aforementioned Gaming Approach

Once the players of Canada have developed a view of online casino games and the full scope involved, they can then rather more specifically look to develop an approach to finding the best options. These can be done in a variety of ways depending on the aspects that the players find the most important. The key thing to remember in this regard then is that the players should follow those factors of online casino experiences that seem the most involving and inviting.

Finding the Casino Games through the Internet

The internet can still be a large and rather daunting place for some, especially when they are searching around for things to do online itself. New tasks executed on the internet are only intimidating if the players involved aren’t fully aware of the steps to take. With regards to Canada’s players and the option to discover online casino games, these steps are rather apparent once the ball gets rolling. This means that the players involved can quite quickly get the idea behind casinos found online. This is aided by the fact that these options are vying for attention themselves and so offer the players easy to understand and engage with systems and user interfaces.