New Zealand Online Tennis Bets

January 30, 2019
New Zealand Online Tennis Bets

If you are looking for the best odds and the best options when it comes to tennis bets, you will find it online. Sports Betting sites are now available that feature all the major tennis tournaments for both men and woman.

You can play from your computer in New Zealand and place wagers on Grand Slam finals, Olympic Tennis, a huge list of ATP tournaments and more. Continue reading New Zealand Online Tennis Bets

All You Need to Know About Betting on Bodybuilding

January 30, 2019
All You Need to Know About Betting on Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a type of physical sport where men and women train for years in order to create the perfect, muscular body. This involves high intensity resistance exercise, including the use of weights and machines for each muscle group.

During competitions, bodybuilders will intentionally dehydrate their bodies, overload on carbohydrates, tan, and eliminate as much body fat as possible. In the end, these are men and women that have done everything possible to accentuate their muscles, after which a panel of judges will judge them who make their final decisions based on a number of different criteria. Continue reading All You Need to Know About Betting on Bodybuilding

A Comprehensive Super Rugby Betting Guide

January 30, 2019
A Comprehensive Super Rugby Betting Guide

Betting on a sport that has catapulted into the premium spot in its class over a very short period of time is bound to be exciting.  Super Rugby was established as recently as 1996, and is played by 12 teams – including Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.   Two decades later, matches are now broadcast to no less than forty one countries, and super rugby betting has become a global betting market in its own right.

Countries establish in-house conferences, with local teams going head to head.  The final event is played out by teams participating in a total of 8 games.  Conference matches are as important to the super rugby betting market as are the final events.  Continue reading A Comprehensive Super Rugby Betting Guide

A Simple Guide To Microgaming Free Play Casino Games

November 26, 2018

If you don’t know who Microgaming is, you can’t have been spending much time playing world class online slot games. Microgaming is, of course, the company responsible for some of the greatest modern slot games currently available, including the infamous Thunderstruck franchise.

The company has seen much success in the Philippines, with thousands of players logging on to play on a regular basis, and that number is growing on a daily basis. Continue reading A Simple Guide To Microgaming Free Play Casino Games

The Best Baccarat Strategies Explored

June 28, 2017

Baccarat is a popular card game rooted in the ancient discipline of prediction-based play, which in turn has formed the entire existence of wagering, based activities.

Players from Canada in quest of winning baccarat strategies will be delighted with the following baccarat strategies explored for Canadians in quest of top trumping baccarat play.

The game of baccarat is disputed between just two single hands, the banker’s hand and the player’s hand.

Players from Canada will notice that there are just three wagering options in baccarat. These three options include a banker win, a player win and a tie between the two hands. Continue reading The Best Baccarat Strategies Explored

Why You Need to Use Casino Banking Methods you Can Trust

May 30, 2017

It is often said that it is much worse to lose something when you have it already, than never having it at all. Anyone who has ever won big on an online casino, and then lost it all because they didn’t use trustworthy banking methods, can attest to this. Unfortunately, the Internet is a place where cyber-crime and fraud are a regular occurrence.

Using banking options outside of the trusted casino methods opens you up to the possibility of becoming one of its unhappy victims. You may not have to pay high banking fees, but the price you pay in risk of being stolen from is much higher. Those fees are there for a reason: they keep your money safe for you. Continue reading Why You Need to Use Casino Banking Methods you Can Trust

A Simple Guide to Gambling On Apple Devices

May 30, 2017
A Simple Guide to Gambling On Apple Devices

There are several different brands of mobile devices, but there are really only two main operating systems. Android, a system developed by Google, and the operating systems offered by Apple. The difference between Apple and Android operating systems is that Android systems are on a wide range of devices – in fact on most brands of smartphone and tablet – while the Apple brand uses its own systems associated exclusively with Apple.

As Apple users of any device will know, this often makes it hard to find compatible hardware and software unless it is exclusively designed for Apple products. And because Apple has a different operating system, it also does not always offer the same apps as Android. Continue reading A Simple Guide to Gambling On Apple Devices

A Simple Guide On How To Play Sic Bo Online

May 3, 2017

Originating from ancient Chinese culture, Sic Bo, also known as hi lo is a type of board game traditionally played with three dice. The game finds its fundamentals in that of a set of unequal chances, based on the outcome of the dice.

Canadians in quest of Sic Bo will be delighted to know that the game is somewhat similar in style to Craps. Played with three dice, you have the opportunity to wager on various points of the table.

Once all wagers have been accounted for the dealer shakes a container or chest containing the dice and depending on the numbers which form, wins will be matched according to the numbers bet on the board. Continue reading A Simple Guide On How To Play Sic Bo Online

The Caulfield Cup

February 27, 2017

The Caulfield Cup is a horse racing event held in Melbourne, Australia. Since Australia is regarded as the horse capital of the world, the events held there are regarded with much respect. The Caulfield Cup, held in October, is an event that draws the attention of horse breeders and enthusiasts from around the world. This is not only because the grand prize is a whopping 3 million dollars, but also because the best horse breeds from around the world complete in the event.

The Caulfield Cup is also a major event where bet making is concerned, in New Zealand and the world. Bet makers are eager to predict which horse is going to be the overall winner, and since the event is so fiercely contested, the results can often be unpredictable. This is excellent for bet making, since horses that are seen as underdogs can unexpectedly come out on top. This, of course, is means major payouts, since underdog horses have better odds. Continue reading The Caulfield Cup

boxing betting

February 27, 2017

A Guide To Betting On Boxing

Modern boxing as a sport has evolved from its early genesis in Ancient Greece where the first organized sporting event can be recorded as far back as B.C 688.

Later on, from about the mid 16th to 18th century, boxing started to evolve rapidly in Great Britain as a prized fighter sport.

Boxing Categories 

Fighters step up to the plate in various weight classes and divisions in an attempt to render their opponent incapable of continuing in the fight.

Boxing incorporates various divisions and weight classes, all of which allow for intense boxing betting options.

Weight class divisions are ranked in accordance with a fighter’s weight. These ranks ensure a more competitive fight between fighters of the same stature, allowing for aggressively entertaining boxing betting.

Weight classes start at minimum and flyweight, moving all the way up to heavyweight Contenders in which there are no boundaries for a fighter’s total weight.

Betting On Amateur Boxing

Amateur boxing is where young inexperienced fighters step up to make their mark in the ring.

Also known as Olympic boxing due to its involved presence in the Olympic games, Amateur boxing avails itself to big hitting boxing betting.

Amateur boxing is where world champions are bred. With a prized selection of hungry fighters amateur boxing betting has the potential for lucrative winnings.

Punters from New Zealand will be thrilled by the outstanding boxing betting options within the division, contested at major international sporting events such as the Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and the Pan American Games.

The Professional Division

The game changing world of professional boxing typically features longer rounds that can see a match last anywhere from six up to twelve rounds.

Fighters do not wear protective headgear and the punishment is usually intensely more severe.

Professional boxing allows for a vast assortment of boxing betting with longer round sets and fighters going blow by blow at one another, punters in New Zealand will be thrilled by the boxing betting opportunities within the division.

Boxing Betting Types

With big hitting, intense fist swapping combat, boxing and boxing betting remains simple.

Nearly all bookmakers will offer punters an assortment of six boxing betting types.

Punters should stick to simple basics and make use of the most straightforward boxing betting types.

Bet On The Winner

Outright winner bets on boxing, like any other sport is the most straightforward type of boxing betting. Punters simply stake the fighter that is most likely to win the bout.

Kiwis should research opponents and follow their individual progress in the sport to continue placing valuable outright boxing betting options.

Totals Boxing Betting

The bookmaker will forecast a total number of rounds. Punters then have the opportunity to wager on the outcome that is based on over or under the total amount set out by the bookmaker.

Knock Out Or Judgement

Punters in New Zealand should consider wagering on the winning method. Here Kiwis have the opportunity to make a call in how the bout will end. Knock out or judgement, having prior knowledge of boxing betting and boxing as sport is essential in this wagering method.

Bet On The Rounds

Round boxing betting allows for a more quick fire approach to betting on the sport. Punters can bet on a specific player to win the round. Round boxing betting is popular in live betting domains.