Good To Go

January 3, 2017

Good To Go Slots Game By Microgaming

Microgaming creates many different kinds of online slots. Good To Go is one of their simpler ones, with only nine paylines over five reels. This game is not available to play in every county or region of the world so if you wish to play it you need to confirm that you are eligible to do so first.

Good To Go has five reels and only nine paylines. Coin values range from 0.01 up to 1.0, and you can bet up to ten coins per each of the nine paylines. Good To Go is a typical penny slot, which definitely makes it high on the list for players who have a smaller budget.

Blocky Style

Good To Go has been done in a rather retro blocky style of design. The graphics are flat and 2D and look as if they were designed many years ago. Compared with some modern online 3D slots they are not quite in the same league. Good To Go is a slot all about car racing. The reels are large and take up all of the screen space leaving no room for background. Buttons at the bottom of the screen give the player all of the info that may need, but are not very simple and may take a little while to read them carefully to understand what is going on.

Race Car Icons

Good To Go is all about formula racing cars. The reels have items such as Pit Girls, tyres, chequered flags, steering wheels, cars and helmets on them, all worth different amounts. The highest paying icons are the Pit Girl, worth the 5000 coin standing jackpot; the race car and the license plate both worth 2500 coins; and the helmet and chequered flag worth 1000 coins each. Lower paying symbols are from a deck of cards, and have been designed to look as if they are made of metal.

The Pit Girl is also the games wild symbol, which means that she will replace any other symbol in the game except for the scatter which triggers the free spins round.

Good To Go Features

Good To Go has only a few special no download mobile slots features in the game. The above mentioned wild is the first, with the scatter symbol being the next most common. The scatter symbol looks like speedometer, and not only triggers free spins but will also pay out scatter wins. This symbol does not need to be in any order on the reels, it will pay out no matter where it is. Two or more scatters will pay out a multiplier of your line bet. There or more of them will launch the free spins round.

Each scatter will award you with three free spins. During this round any reel which contains a scatter will be held, or locked. This means that the symbols on it o not change, creating a bigger potential for winning combinations. These held scatter reels will trigger scatter wins with each spin as well, potentially increasing your free spins multiplier to 50x.


Dolphin Reef

December 21, 2016

About Dolphin Reef Online Slots

There are a ton of different online slot games that take place in the oceans, with many of theme featuring dolphins as the main protagonist. Some of these games are quite complex, set with plenty of bonus content and unique mechanics, and others being as simple as an online slot can be. Dolphin Reef sits somewhere in the middle of these two, providing some classic bonus content on top of equally classic base gameplay.

This makes Dolphin Reef perfect for those players looking for the traditional online slot game that comes with just the right amount of bonuses. Dolphin Reef is powered by Quickfire, and features 5 reels with 20 paylines along the sides. Free spins, a gamble bonus, and a 5000x jackpot come standard with the slot. Dolphin Quest can be found in any online casino sites that feature Quickfire games within their gaming libraries, and is optimised for desktop computer gameplay.

Dolphin Reef Theme and Symbols

The theme of the game is obviously set in the ocean, but it is the imagery and symbols used that set it apart from other underwater slot games. For starts, Dolphin Reef is a lot brighter and energetic in its visuals, where the background is lit up with rays of sunlight and the ocean floor beneath the reels is a light blue as opposed to a dark coral reef. Symbols in the game are split between those of low and high value, where numbers and letters are traditional low value symbols. Conversely, aquatic creatures such as turtles, starfish, clownfish, and more contain higher value numbers.

Dolphin Reel has a fair amount of options available when it comes to gameplay, where players can both choose the amount they wish to bet as well as the number of active paylines. All the information about the game that the player needs can be found along the bottom of the screen, including the balance amount, the total bet per spin amount, and the total win amount per round. A red info button on the far left allows players to view the rules of the game, and the mechanics of the symbols and how they work together during gameplay.

Dolphin Reef Free Spins Bonus

The main bonus feature found within Dolphin Reef comes in the form of free spins that can only be activated with the special wild symbol, displayed as the dolphin. To receive the free spins, the player will need to land the dolphin wild on reels two and four, and five free spins are instantly awarded. This wild also acts as a normal slot wild, meaning it can be used as a substitute for all other symbols in the game, but this wild will also expand over reels two and four. This means that during free spins rounds players have the chance of winning a lot in a quick succession.

Dolphin Reef Gamble Bonus

Upon finishing a successful spin, the gamble option is given to the player. If accepted, a new mini game starts up, where the player will need to guess through a series of cards correctly. If all the guesses are right, the total winnings of that round are multiplied.

Dolphin Reef Verdict

Dolphin Reef is the perfect middleman slot, where the game features everything a standard slot needs in order to be enjoyable, as well as maintaining a decent win chance.

Cops N Robbers

December 21, 2016

Meting Justice with Cops N Robbers Slot

Good and evil, right and wrong or Cops N Robbers like the title of this online slot game, are the standards of moral juxtaposition that humanity as a whole and even on the individual level must confront on a regular basis. As the theme of an online slot game this sort of debacle paints quite a picture and with the graphics that developers Play’n Go have included in the game there are a few aspects to provide a rather solid impression on just what this slot is all about. Essentially players will be playing the part of the law in this slot game and it then becomes their task to track down the criminals and all their stolen goods on the reels.

Stolen goods and a thrilling chase is what this Cops N Robbers slot theme is all about but in order for this to be able to play out the game itself needs some structure. This structure comes in the form of the 5 reels on the screen and the 9 simple pay lines across these reels to scoop up any of the combinations ultimately scored on said reels. Alongside this is the setup options which include a degree of betting for the players to be able to mix up the action a little. There are also a few bonuses to rev up the engine of this Cops N Robbers online slot experience, coming in the forms of Wilds and free spins.

The Moral Battle on the Reels Involved

The scenario playing out on the reels of this Cops N Robbers from Play’n Go is one that has been around for pretty much the length of civilisation, which is to say the act of instilling a justice and order system upon those that look to cause damage or hard to the people involved in said society. With the theme in this online slot game the moral juxtaposition listed takes place in a more modern day setting, with the native style being that of the USA in terms of law enforcement and referenced aspects. Overall though the graphics of the game are decent and coupled with the overall theme and the symbols on the reels of this Cops N Robbers slot game there is a fair bit to behold.

On the thematic side of symbols and how they play out on the reels of this slot game, these icons all relate to the theme in question and include various different symbols like handcuffs, diamonds and other such stolen loot and of course the end result for those that take from others, the bars to a prison. All in all these make the reels of this Cops N Robbers slot game look appealing and connect to the theme of the game.

Classic List of Slot Bonus Features Included

There are a fair number of different kinds of bonus features for the slot gaming industry and the ones included in this Cops N Robbers online slot game from Play’n Go are the more textbook resulting ones. This includes a few bonus symbols like Wilds and more as well as a free spins feature which gets rather involved with the theme style as well. Overall these bonuses do make a notable different on the gameplay.

Baccarat bonus

December 20, 2016

Baccarat Bonus Options Online

Having a reputation for being a high stakes game, baccarat is still one of the most played casino games in the world. Thousands of Canadians enjoy the game on a daily basis, and now, with the phenomenal explosion in popularity of the online casino industry, baccarat is more accessible to Canadians than ever before.

So, what are the advantages of playing baccarat online, as apposed to in an old fashioned real world casino? For starters, online casinos are available 24 hours a day, have enormous selections of games, and can be accessed from your choice of playing platform, such as a smart phone. But one benefit trumps all others, namely; the amazing bonuses that are given to players. How does a baccarat bonus sound for your next big online game? Probably petty good.

More For Less

No one would turn down a baccarat bonus for their next online casino game, and getting one is probably a great deal easier than you might think. Fancy $100 extra in your casino account to mess around with? It’s as easy as logging into your account and taking advantage of a promotional deal. For example, many casinos have deposit bonuses, which match any deposit you make in extra cash. Deposit $100, and get an extra $100 dollars for free. That’s a serous baccarat bonus that could put you ahead of the game.

Another popular given bonus is referred to as a loyalty bonus, which is granted for you spending a certain amount of time at a casino. That’s right; you are given bonus cash simply for being at the casino and playing your favourite games. It doesn’t matter if you’re winning or losing, playing like a champion or not, you’ll get a baccarat bonus just for being present. Check out your favourite casino’s loyalty policies, and start racking up the minutes to fat bonus. If you casino doesn’t have a loyalty bonus system, maybe its time to find an online casino that does.

Tailor made Bonuses

Depending on the casino you play at, a tailor made baccarat bonus system may be created just for you. Online casinos are notoriously flexible and generous, and are often willing to go the extra mile to make customers happy. If you’ve been playing baccarat at a specific online casino for a while, and consider yourself a loyal customer, contact their customer support centre and request a personalised baccarat bonus system.  Good casinos will be more than happy to accommodate you, and make your online play experience a unique one.

A personalised baccarat bonus system may reward you every time you login at a table, every time you get a big win, and even every time you suffer a big loss. It may vary on what the casino is willing to offer, but the exact specifics can be negotiated. Either way, don’t play baccarat without exploring the various possibilities of a personalised baccarat bonus system. In the meantime, Canadians will surely keep baccarat in the top ten most played games in the country. We salute you, Canada!

Stanley Cup

November 18, 2016

Ice Hockey Betting and the Stanley Cup

There are truly a wide variety of sports available across the globe and for each and every one it is very likely that there is a form of betting available to the punters that fancy a little wager on the result. Now with the internet so readily available and opening up a while new and accessible world for the punters to find these forms of sports betting it really just comes down to preference and which games punters want to watch and bet on. This particular journey takes a look at the sport of Ice Hockey and particularly the NHL and their Stanley Cup league tournament.

The game of Ice Hockey is a rather recognisable one whether punters have actually played it or not, largely due to its unique gameplay and rather aggressive style of play. These factors make the whole process rather engaging for the fans, the players and of course the punters looking to make wagers in and around the action. The best methods for accessing and exploiting these betting possibilities online involve a good level of research and understanding in what exactly makes it all tick and how best to engage it from there. Overall there is a good deal of experience to be had in this industry to make betting on big sporting events like this Stanley Cup an easier and more effective experience for the punters.

The Stanley Cup and Online Betting Thereof

For the most part punters look toward large sporting events for betting options because of the support, viewership and general interest in these larger tournaments, making the betting available online just that bit easier to use and engage with. However the Stanley Cup is not a tournament exactly and rather the National Hockey League playoff winner, meaning that the event itself takes place across a good period of the year and as such offers the punters following it a good deal more time to place wagers and learn about the players and teams involved. Beyond this the league trophy was awarded for the first time in 1893 and so carries with it some real experience in the field and a fair degree of respect as a result of this accolade.

Before getting too excited with the Ice Hockey involved here punters should also look to understanding the working of the betting systems involved in this sport. Due to the fact that the sports themselves shape their betting systems the same applies to Ice Hockey and the Stanley Cup and how it manipulates the betting attached to it. What this does do additionally to this is that punters can almost intuitively pick up on the betting styles attached to their favourite, more watched sporting events and rather quickly figure out what bets would be available and which to avoid.

Some Additional Factors Attributed to this Betting

As has been mentioned a couple of times before, there is a fair bit of experimenting that the punters should perform regardless of whether or not they know a fair bit about the experience in question, because certain factors change, the game itself and the players involved also change from time to time and this all affects the betting so players should follow up on it all and stay abridged of the Stanley Cup league’s latest events.


Sports Betting Guide

November 18, 2016

Sports Betting Guide

Sport betting is becoming more popular throughout the world. This is largely due to the fact that most bookmakers now operate online, and can be accessed quickly and efficiently via mobile phone, tablet, home computer, or virtually any device that has internet access. More so, most online bookmakers offer free smart phone applications, which, when downloaded, turn a mobile phone into a portable betting station.

This increase in sport betting popularity means that many newcomers are entering onto the scene for the first time. Betting on a sport, although often a relatively straightforward process of simply selecting a favourite team, can become confusing at its deeper layers. Here is a brief sports betting guide to help a newcomer understand the online bet making scene.


First in this spots betting guide are odds. Odds determine not only how much a bet is going pay out, should that bet win, but also the likelihood of that bet winning. It is obvious that betting on a favourite team, or player, to win is a low risk bet, since the chances of that player or teaming winning are high. For this reason a bookmaker will not pay out a large amount, for that team or player winning, since it would mean the bookmaker would go bankrupt very quickly. If, however, a bet is placed on an underdog to win, the payout will be much larger, given that the statistical chances of that team or player winning are lower. Hence, bookmakers encourage high risk bets on underdogs.

If the odds for a team are 1:2, this is referred to as even money. It means that if you were to bet $10, you would get your initial bet back, plus an extra $10. So, $10 profit. It is a low risk bet, and in order to make any kind of big payout, a very large bet would have to be placed. If the odds were 1:8, this would be a much bigger payout. A bet of $10 would return the original $10, plus an extra $80. The risks involved, however, would be much higher. So it is clear to see that an underdog bet on odds of 1:8 is far more beneficial.

Bet Types

Besides odds, there are types of bets which bettors need to be aware of, given that they fundamentally change the way a bet works. A money line bet means that the bettor is deciding on a team or player to win straight up, without any handicaps being applied. This is best in a situation where the two parties are evenly matched, and have a fair chance of winning. A spread bet, however, applies a handicap that balances out the two teams.

In a spread bet, the two teams do not have an equal chance of winning, and one clearly outranks the other. A bookmaker will apply a handicap in order to make the contest more balanced. For example, a spread bet will read as such; Team 1: +1, Team 2: -1. This means that at the end result of the game, the first team will have a point added to the total score, and the second team will have a point deducted from the total score. These new numbers will be the official end result, and bets will be paid out according to this altered result.

NBA Finals

November 18, 2016

The Draw of the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals is the culmination of the National Basketball Association championship series. It is contested between the Western and Eastern Conference champions. In the NBA Finals, the first team to win four games in a best-of-seven game series is declared the champion. This team is then ceremoniously awarded the famous Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy with all due fanfare.

The NBA Finals has been contested at the climax of every NBA, and Basketball Association of America season in history, since 1947. The basketball league was initiated in New York City in 1946, and adopted the name National Basketball Association in 1949, merging with the National Basketball League.

NBA 2016 and the Betting Odds

The National Basketball Association League reaches a climax in May or June each year. In 2016 the NBA Finals took place on June 2, and it was the 70th season of the National Basketball Association. The league concluded with the Eastern Conference champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeating the Western Conference champions, the Golden State Warriors against the odds by 4 games to 3. LeBron James was named NBA Finals Most Valuable Player. The odds on the teams in the NBA Finals going in to the finals was 1/2 for the Golden State Warriors and 2/1 for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA Finals for the coming 2017 season are hoped to be as exciting as the 2016 Finals. At the start of the season the odds on the various teams range from the two favourites, the teams who played the 2016 finals, at 3/1 and 5/6 to numerous lesser teams that are currently quoted at 500/1.

The Top Basketball League in the World

The National Basketball Association, the NBA is the major men’s professional basketball league in the USA, and is considered top men’s professional basketball league in the world. This is evidenced by the USA being the current Olympic gold medal holders, and widely regarded as the best national team in the world.

Participating in the NBA Finals is the ultimate aim of all the teams in the league. The NBA league consists of 30 franchised member clubs, 29 from the USA, and one from Canada. The NBA is, additionally, considered one of the four major North American professional sports leagues. The players in the NBA are ranked as the highest paid sportsmen in the world by average annual salary.

The sport of basketball is perhaps one of the more popular sports in the world, and ranks as one of the top 3 consistently in the USA, where some 26 million people play the sport. In the USA, structured basketball leagues have more than four million registered players. The sport has an enormous following and the teams play to sold-out arenas around the country, earning multimillion dollar salaries.

A Huge Betting Community

With such high levels of interest and such volumes of fan base, it is to be expected that the associated betting community, both online and off, is colossal and very active. All online sports betting sites provide the opportunity for players to place wagers on the NBA generally, and the NBA Finals specifically.

Therefore, from the qualifiers to the playoffs and then the NBA Finals betting bonuses, opportunities for wagering on the game winners and betting on handicapped games are available in absolute swathes. Betting on game winners may be the most common bet, but punters will also find a multitude of options at all the better sports books.

Masters Tournament

November 18, 2016

The Masters Tournament and Online Golf Betting

Online sports betting offers punters a broad range of possibilities based on the diversity of the sports involved. This means that for each form of sport game there is a particular betting setup attached, and so players looking for some premier golf betting would do well to search along the lines of some of the more prestigious tournaments involved in this game. Of this there are the four major competitions to look out for, in this case the focus of which is placed onto the shoulders of the Masters Tournament. Like the other major tourneys this one features international players from around the world, has a large viewer base and as a result also has a fair few betting options attached to it all.

Before the punters can jump right into the betting around the Masters Tournament there is a few more aspects of the situation they may need to understand. This ranges from the inner working of the game and specific event itself as well as the format of golf betting in general. Other factors also in play are the sportsbooks involved in the betting process, something the players looking to make such bets online would do well to learn how to properly vet. All of these factors build up to the end result of having a competent platform in which to bet on some premier golfing.

Aspects of the Masters and Golf Betting

To begin with we shall first analyse the fundamentals of the major tournament this betting operation will be based around. The name of this tournament is the Masters and as the title suggest it houses some of the best players in the business. The event itself was first held in 1934 and so has a long history of pitting players against each other on the green. Like the other four majors this tournament is held annually and so will offer the players regular opportunities of betting live when it does come around. Additionally it is the first of these tournament to be played each year and usually start in April. Overall this prestigious tournament rather deserves the title of Masters.

Moving passed the golfing tournament in question for the moment and instead looking at the aspects related to the basic of golf betting there is still quite a bit to cover. Here players will find that like most of the other possibilities for sports betting the setup of the available bets are done up similar to the structure of the game involved. In so doing punters will find that they can place bets on whomever they think will win, the top three, other structural factors and even spot bets like individual scores and even individual shots.

Wrapping Up the Golf Betting Analysis

Online golf betting with bookies for the Masters Tournament clearly has a fair bit involved and so punters that do decide to join in the betting action in this regard should look to cover all of the bases looked at here, to just ensure that the setup they are following will lead them to the right form of online golf betting, in a safe and inviting environment online.

6 Million Dollar Man

November 4, 2016


6 Million Dollar Man Online Slots Review

This online slot is based on the popular TV series The Six Million Dollar Man.  The series ran from 1974 to 1978 and starred the popular American actor Lee Majors who plays Colonel Steve Austin an astronaut who after an accident had body parts replaced with bionic implants and who then begins working for a secret government agency.  These bionic body parts give Steve Austin enhanced strength and speed to fight crime.

6 Million Dollar Man is an online video slot from Playtech and has 5 reels and 50 paylines.  The game does a good job of recreating the TV show and Playtech has included the original clips from the series which will appear on the screen when there is a win.


The 6 Million Dollar Man symbols include Steve Austin’s bionic body parts, foot, hand and eye which will each pay out 300 coins for 5, 85 coins for 4 and 25 coins for 3.  The heart and speed monitor each have a pay out of 200 coins for 5, 75 coins for 4 and 20 coins for 3.  Oscar Goldman can also be found on the reels and will pay out 500 coins for 5, 150 coins for 4, 30 coins for 3 and 8 coins for 2.  The playing card symbols will have lower value payouts.

Wild and Scatter Symbol

The 6 Million Dollar Man wild symbol is Steve Austin and he can substitute for all the symbols except the scatter to create wins on the paylines.  The wild symbol has the highest payout of the game and will payout 4000 coins if 5 land on the paylines.

The scatter symbol is the 6 Million Dollar Man logo.  The scatter symbol will offer players 100 times their total bet for 5, 10 times the bet for 4, 3 times the bet for 3 and 1 times the bet for 2.

Bionic Spin Option

This game features a bionic spin lever which is next to the spin lever.  This feature will increase the chances of 5 symbols being transformed into wild symbols.  This option is available during the main game and players will have to place an extra bet of 50% of the total bet for each bionic spin.  During each spin players will have the chance to increase wild symbols on the reels up to a maximum of 5.

Bionic Free Spins

The 6 Million Dollar Man free games round is triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels.  Players will receive 15 free games.  If players can collect a bionic foot, hand and eye in order it will be displayed in the progress bar. Players will only be able to collect 1 bionic body part for each spin.  Symbols that are not stacked cannot be collected.

Once players have collected the foot, hand and eye the progress bar will reset and players will receive 2 free games plus an extra wild symbol.  The wild symbol is then added to the stacked wilds on the reels.  The wild symbol can be added up to a maximum of 5 times during the free spins bonus round.  The bionic spin feature is not available during the free spins round.

Game Settings

The game settings are easy to use and can be found at the bottom of the screen.  The paylines are fixed at 50 so players only need to choose how much to bet and then click the spin lever to start the game.  The info button will bring up the paytable, rules of the game and all the possible winning combinations.  The autoplay allows players to choose how many uninterrupted spins they would like to play with.

6 Million Dollar Man’s exciting mobile casino game is a good attempt at recreating the TV show and offers a good range of multipliers, symbol payouts and free spins with the extra bonus of the bionic spin option.

5x Magic

November 4, 2016

5x Magic Online Slot

5x Magic is an online slot powered by Play ‘n Go.  The game takes place on a stage with a red curtain. Above the reels the title of the game 5x Magic flashes on the screen.  The game has a retro feel to it and features 3 reels and 5 paylines.  The symbols are reminiscent of the classic arcade games and the sound effects of arcade games can be heard in the background.

Betting Options

5x Magic has the potential for good wins.  Players have the option of choosing how many paylines to activate starting at 1 and going up to a maximum of 5.  There is also the option of choosing how many coins to bet on each payline ranging from 1 to 5.  The coin denominations of 5x Magic are available in the following denominations of 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50 and a maximum of 1.00.

These betting options offer players a variety of bets to choose from and that suit everyone’s pocket.  Once players have made their bets they can go ahead and spin the reels with the aim to have 3 matching symbols on an active payline.



If players are able to land 3 matching symbols they will receive multipliers.  For 3 any bar symbols players will receive a multiplier of 5 times.  For 3 single bar symbols players are rewarded with 10 times their bet, 3 double bars will reward players with 20 times their bet, 3 triple bars will reward players with 30 times their bet and for 3 of the magician symbols players will receive 50 times their bet.

Scatter and Wild Symbol

The 5x Magic scatter symbol is the top hat and will payout multipliers of times 2 and times 25 when 2 or 3 scatters land on the reels.  The scatter will pay out in any direction.  The 5x Magic symbol is the wild symbol which rewards players with multipliers.  The wild symbol will substitute for all of the symbols, except for the scatter, to create winning combinations.  The wild symbol will multiply the normal value by an extra times 5 or times 25 and this is dependent on if there are 1 or 2 wild symbols on the reels.

The wild symbol is the highest paying 5x Magic symbol and will offer a range of multipliers from times 2 500 up to a maximum of 5 000 times if there are 3 in a row on an active payline.  The jackpot will increase when players activate more paylines.

Game Settings

The max bet button will automatically select the highest amount of paylines and coins and spin the reels at the current coin value.  The autoplay button will bring up the autoplay screen where players can select a certain amount of uninterrupted spins and also when they would like the autoplay function to end.  Players can choose 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 automatic spins.  The paytable will have the symbol payouts as well as all of the possible winning combinations.  The question mark is the help screen and the speaker will turn the sound on or off.

5x Magic is a simple slot also known as online pokies games that does not offer any bonus rounds but has the opportunity for players to earn some real money casino wins with the symbol payouts and special wild symbol.