A Simple Guide to Gambling On Apple Devices

A Simple Guide to Gambling On Apple Devices
May 30, 2017

There are several different brands of mobile devices, but there are really only two main operating systems. Android, a system developed by Google, and the operating systems offered by Apple. The difference between Apple and Android operating systems is that Android systems are on a wide range of devices – in fact on most brands of smartphone and tablet – while the Apple brand uses its own systems associated exclusively with Apple.

As Apple users of any device will know, this often makes it hard to find compatible hardware and software unless it is exclusively designed for Apple products. And because Apple has a different operating system, it also does not always offer the same apps as Android.

Trapped In The Apple

When it comes to apps, the Apple iPhone’s platform is a lot less open sourced than that of Android devices. And for some time, Apple in fact banned all gambling applications from the App Store. Although this is the same for Android’s Google Play Store, Android allows third party sale of Apps.

So as long as the app developers have made the app able to work on Android operating systems, you can download it from its own online casino website and enjoy apps, games or even the Aussie slots games that are so popular have to offer. In contrast, the App Store is the only place where it is possible to download apps for iPhones and iPads.

Safer But Less Variety

However, more recently, Apple made a significant change. They amended their banning rule and began to allow mobile gambling apps on the App Store, as long as they meet the approval requirements. However, this does not mean it is plain sailing from here. Getting approval to the App Store can be difficult.

Some apps seem to have an unreasonably hard time getting approval, even those that are trusted, registered and regulated online gambling sites. Most of the biggest online casinos do have apps available on the App Store, but you will not have access to as wide a variety of apps with an Apple product as with an Android one. However, if you are concerned with safety, you might like the strictness with which Apple vets gambling applications.

This is no excuse to stop being careful though – viruses can still worm their way in. There are gambling apps now that are specifically designed for Apple products, so there is some variety. But if one of your favourite, trusted sites does not have an app available on the App store, you are out of luck.

If you have an Apple device that you want to use for mobile gambling, don’t panic: there are still apps you can use. However, if it’s important to you to have a lot of variety, or if you already have a favourite gambling website that you’d like to use for mobile gambling and it’s not available on Apple products, you might want to consider using an Android product.

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